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2023/5/5 - 2028/5/4
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UDEM International Certification Auditing Training
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Certificate description

The validity of the certificate can be checked through Upon completion of EC declaration of https://www.udem.com.tr/en/
conformity,it is used solely at the manufacturer's responsibility. This certificate remains the property of UDEM International
Certification Auditing Training Centre Industry and Trade Inc. Co. to whom it must be returned upon request. The above
named firm must keep a copy of this certificate for 15 years from the registration of certificate. This certificate only covers
the product(s) stated above and UDEM must be noticed in case of any changes on the product(s)
EN ISO 12100: 2010 Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction
EN 60204-1:2018 Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - Part 1: General requirements  
In order to ensure the conformity of the series production, the HANGZHOU BEYAGO 
MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has taken the related procedures mentioned below: 

(1)Apply for the consultant form the qualified body. 
consultant from Technical Inspection Certification. The complete technical construction file (TCF) 
have been established before applying for the CE marking certificate. 


(2)Carry out the inspection for parts and components according to the TCF. 
Before the assemblies of the series production, the QC engineers of BEYAGO has to check and 
inspect the technical specifications and intended functions of parts and components to ensure the 
correct use of them according to the contents of TCF and principle described in the related technical 

(3)Carry out the inspection & testing for the products before packing. 
Before packing the products, the QC engineers of BEYAGO have to do the necessary inspection and 
testing to ensure the conformity of related requirements. In particular, they should do the testing and 
inspection of electrical characteristics and outer feature. 

(4)Carry out the inspection for the package. 
After finishing the necessary inspection and testing for the products, an inspection for the packing 
has to be done to ensure the necessary elements being included in this packing before shipment. 

(5)Provision for the change of design. 
Any change of the products described in this TCF must be checked in detail and written down again 
in the TCF by the designer of BEYAGO if the change may effects the related electrical or mechanical 

(6)Provision for the Quality Assurance. 
For the provisions of internal control measures to ensure the conformity of series production of the 
machines, HANGZHOU BEYAGO MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has built an internal 
quality control system in accordance with the international standard of ISO 9001.